Playing Hard To Get

I went out to check on the horses today. As I walked through the gate and it slammed behind me, my horse, Ulysses, took one look at me and took off running and flatuating into the pasture.

My boys are big Civil War enthusiasts, so when we bought 2 roan weanlings about 6 years ago, they christened them Ulysses and E. Lee. E. Lee was sold to another family but we kept Ulysses. He is brimming with personality, which is not necessarily a good thing when you are talking about horses. One of his favorite things to do is pick up his rubber feed tub with his mouth and go around hitting the other horses in the head with it. He is the terror of the pasture.

He is also a bit jealous. I knew if I went following him around the pasture, he would continue to run away from me. So instead I calmly walked up to each other horse in the pasture, talking sweetly, scratching necks and faces. Before too long he was pushing the others away to get his turn for loving. He drives me crazy, but he also make me smile. I guess I wouldn’t enjoy him quite as much if he didn’t play hard to get.

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Mom of boys, teacher of art, rider of horses.

7 thoughts on “Playing Hard To Get

  1. Ah, reverse psychology…who knew it works on horses, too? This interaction sounds like a lovely “slice” in your day. Thank you for including this line in your writing, “One of his favorite things to do is pick up his rubber feed tub with his mouth and go around hitting the other horses in the head with it.” It made me smile and it helped me better understand the big personality of Ulysses. Fun slice!

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  2. I so love this. I started riding when I was about 8 and was fortunate to have a horse through my middle school years. People are always amazed when I talk about their personalities. Your slice just cracked me up, thank you for taking me back!


  3. So much personality! And so beautiful! I remember the many personalities of the horses I rode as a kid. They’re so wonderfully individual. Your description of Ulysses’ behavior made me smile.


  4. Our daughter has two horses so I completely appreciate a horse that flatuates as they run – priceless! I believe there is always one in the herd with personality, ours is a Palimino mare who truly thinks she’s a princess. LOL


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